Marcus Schmieke: Follow the inner path

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Our agenda towards enlightenment
A Journey to our Self with Quantum Physics and Depth Psychology

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Marcus Schmieke is a philosopher, scientist, inventor and entrepreneur.

This book describes, in his own words, his achievements so far and most everything he has seen, realized and been gifted with in his inner and outer world. This book is about The Four Pillars of the Inner Path. It guides the reader on his or her way to dissolving the disruption within themselves, this being the prerequisite for dissolving the disruption in the outer world. Other central points of the plot are the tension between mind, matter and self, the secrets of life and death and a detailed description of the levels of our consciousness.

From a fascinating and novel perspective, the author recounts the legend of the Holy Grail and Parsifal in a compelling way, the history of the Golden Age of science, from the very beginnings of quantum physics and modern psychology until the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

An entire chapter is dedicated to discovering the functions of our consciousness, leading to a strikingly detailed description of the reader’s own personality.

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